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Team Development

Everything Depends on the Team. Gain Clarity in Roles and Address Skills to Drive Growth.

Implementation & Execution

Driving Alignment and Focus to Execute Your Growth Plans

How We Deliver Value

Revenue and Profit Growth
We help you achieve your Revenue and Profit goals. Are you so busy fighting for sales that you are missing a larger opportunity?  Is your ‘competition’ commoditizing your product or service?

  • Defining (or redefining) your value proposition
  • Assessing the potential market and determining where to fish
  • Determine go-to-market strategy
  • Aligning sales compensation plans with organizational goals
Closing the Strategy / Implementation Gap
We help you Close the Strategy / Implementation Gap. So often in business, the strategy is clear to the executive team, but unclear the further into the organization you go. By Creating Actionable Competitive Strategies, we close the gap so you achieve clarity in roles and growth in the organization.

We do this in four phases:

  1. Clarify the priorities. Sometimes the target is too big, too broad. We work with the business owner(s), to understand both personal objectives for the business and professional objectives. We leave you with a tool to help you stay on course.
  2. Assess the leadership qualities of your business – by individual and by team. With this knowledge, we can help you craft a clear, actionable strategy.
  3. Develop implementation and execution plans, with your team’s current strengths in mind for immediate results. Set realistic objectives with measurements that can be tracked so you know you’re on course (and if you’re not).
  4. Train where more leadership skill is needed. Examples: How to Develop Leaders from within the Company, Personal Leadership Development (self-leadership, time and energy management) and Creating a Healthy Corporate Culture (effectively managing change and making good business decisions).
Systems and Process Improvement
We address the key financial, operational, and sales metrics you need to know to run your business.

  • Align Business Performance with Financial Results
  • Design Systems and Processes to Align Performance with Desired Outcomes
  • Develop a scorecard to monitor your business
  • Determine what Business Intelligence is needed to understand your marketplace
  • Ensure your accounting system and internal control systems work effectively
  • Calculate cash requirements to fund your growth initiatives
  • Create business models to perform scenario analysis for new business initiatives
Navigating Transitions
Key Company Transitions need careful navigation. There are many that affect growth, including:

  • New organizational structures
  • New personnel responsibilities
  • New systems to support the business
  • New compensation philosophy for bonuses and incentives
  • New business development targets

Arden Advisors helps you structure the proper path forward no matter what transition you’re contemplating.

Escaping the Founders Trap
The ‘Founders Trap’ is the point where the growth of the company exceeds the management and/or leadership experience of the person in charge. This is a natural (and good!) progression for any business, but it is an awkward time that requires ‘kid gloves’ to move through: empowering (and training) capable managers with authority to make decisions, improving (or creating) clear lines of reporting and communication, and so on.

Are you experiencing ‘stuck growth’? Could it be the organization is stretching all your resources a little thin? Let us help you evaluate where your business is on the Growth Continuum, and help you blast past the Founders Trap.

Building for the Future
Companies with a strong business culture experience faster – and sustained – growth. We advise leaders and teams who seek to strengthen the culture (health) of their business. We combine practical business advice with a special emphasis on your business culture – the strength of your team – to help you grow your company.

We help you establish a Culture of Growth.

Laundry List

Other situations we have addressed:

  • Developing Cohesive Leadership Teams (organizational development)
  • Building a Culture of Growth
  • Balance Sheet Restructuring
  • Implementing Sales Plans
  • Executing Incentive Compensation Plans
  • Financing New Initiatives
  • Addressing Business Failure
  • Repairing Lack of Clarity
  • Planning Succession to Family or Staff (exit planning)
  • Motivating “Stuck” / Paralyzed Businesses
  • Not Achieving Objectives
  • Tackling Misalignment Between Partners (Vision, Sense of Urgency, Agenda, Commitment)
  • Correcting Inability to Implement Change
  • Reversing Stalled Growth
  • Dealing with Difficult Employees
  • Having Fun Again in Business (dealing with Burnout)
  • Creating an Actionable Competitive Strategy (Closing the Strategy and Implementation Gap)
  • Planning and Financing Ownership Transition  (exit planning)
  • Creating Competitive Advantage (Underperforming vs. Competition)
  • Deciding When and Organizing How to Sell  (exit planning)
  • Pre-addressing Sales Diligence Issues to Improve Valuation  (exit planning)

Although that seems like a lot, it doesn’t cover everything we’ve helped people achieve.

Plus, as your partner, our EXTENSIVE network of professional resources is fully at your disposition. These resources can range from specialists in your specific industry, to sales channel partners, investment bankers, tax and accounting specialists, specialty legal advisors and more. We fully respect your existing legal and accounting resources and would only suggest supplementing if the situation warranted specialists (upon your request).

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