Holding You Back?

Finally. Business growth help from CEOs, presidents and owners who have built and led their own companies. We’ll help you regain clarity in what you want for yourself and your business. And get your team back on the same page so you can lead again in unison.

Business Owners Identify These Top Concerns:


Planning and Strategy


Talent & Ops


Sales & Marketing


Growth and Scaling

We Agree. We can help, and our focus is YOU.

We get it. The business is YOU. You want your company to grow, but sometimes the harder you work, the more you stay right where you are. The complexities increase daily – sometimes beyond your capacity. You’re not sure what to prioritize to achieve the best results. And there’s a gap between strategy and implementation.
Companies with an aligned business culture experience faster – and sustained – growth. We advise leaders and teams on how to strengthen the culture (health) of their business. We combine practical business advice with a special emphasis on your business culture – the strength of your team – to help you grow your company.
Arden Advisors is your business growth advisory partner, serving small and middle-market companies. We help you gain clarity about what you want for yourself and your company. We work with you to craft the road map for improving growth, the strength of your team and your bottom line. We help you build a culture of growth – sustainable momentum with increased revenue and profit.

Aligning Business Performance with Financial Results


  • Developing a Long Term Roadmap
  • Designing Systems and Processes to Align Performance with Desired Outcomes
  • Building a Culture of Growth
  • Financing New Initiatives
  • Tackling Misalignment Among Partners (Vision, Sense of Urgency, Agenda, Commitment)

Plans and Execution

  • Creating an Actionable Competitive Strategy
  • Closing the Strategy – Implementation Gap
  • Navigating Key Company Transitions:
    • new organizational structures
    • new personnel responsibilities
    • new systems to support the business
    • new compensation philosophy for bonuses and incentives
    • new business development targets

Building for the Future

  • Developing Cohesive Leadership Teams
  • Dealing with Difficult Employees
  • Having Fun Again in Business (Dealing with Burnout)
  • Implementing Sales Plans
  • Identifying Exit and Recapitalization Options
  • Designing Incentive Compensation Plans

Why Arden Advisors?

We help you reach the next stage quicker.

You know your industry – it is your area of expertise after all. Speed is a competitive advantage. We handle the areas you know you need to address. Maybe you don’t have the time – or internal expertise – to  solve them. Arden Advisors was established to help you and  your business achieve sustained, profitable growth. And have fun again doing it. Entrepreneurial-minded expertise dedicated to today’s business owner. We develop our solutions with you, not for you. We keep you on track with achievable actions and milestones through Executive Coaching for Accountability.

What kind of clients do we work with?
Owner-operated and closely-held companies in the small and middle-market segment are our sweet spot. We advise business owners, leaders and teams on how to strengthen the culture (health) of their business for sustained, profitable growth.
What's unique about Arden Advisors?
Team and Approach.

Our advisors have been presidents, CEOs, business founders and owners. We come with real-world entrepreneurial experience. We understand that a business owner is always at work, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. We only propose feasible solutions. And we are your partner in success.

We develop solutions with you, not for you. Our experience helps us only propose feasible solutions unique to your situation. We do not have a canned library of “MBA solutions” but rather proven methods that drive value.

What are our driving principles?
We value the truth.

We believe that people are brilliant and that leaders are developed (even “born” leaders). You don’t need us to tell you what you want to hear. We are truthful in all we report. If the news is tough to hear or process, we will know that before we tell you (we’ve done this before). We’ll tell you in a way that is honorable, but direct. And we request the same from you with us. We are your partner. We only want to work with partners who desire growth, success and fulfillment. We don’t want “clients”. We want you, your team and all involved (including us) to benefit from our partnership. We share our knowledge. We want you to know how to do what we do, so you don’t need us to do it for you next time (unless you decide it’s in your best interest).

What Others are Saying

Their work with us has been extremely beneficial, and one key to our success has been their follow up coaching – to help ensure we take the actions with what we agreed are our priorities. Our 20 person leadership team is on the same page and powerfully executing our game plan!
Nick Ryan

CEO, Marquette Companies

Mike and his team do an exceptional job working with companies that are in transition. Mike is comfortable navigating financial issues for both privately held and publicly held companies. We’ve worked together on two strategic business transactions where Mike served as an interim CFO or Controller.
Roberta McQuade

Senior HR Executive, Publicly Traded Holding Company

Bruce is a most unusual and talented executive. He is smart, intuitive, results oriented, and tireless. Bruce also has the unique abilty to work with tough clients – and he turns them into raving fans. In my book – that is the key currency of a great executive.
Mark Rittmanic


The team helped our company transition following the tragic loss of our founder who was the President and CEO. They helped take four key employees who were relatively new to executive leadership and turn them into a highly functioning leadership team. Their ability to listen and to tailor their services to what you really need is unique. We will be forever grateful to Arden Advisors.
Jamie Sivils

CEO and Chairman of the Board, Environmental Works

Kevin and the team helped us implement a new business process. There were many challenges they were able to work through and provide solutions. Technical limitations, human resources and organizational issues all were thrown at Kevin but a successful implementation was achieved through his tenacity and perseverance. Their patience and resilience were refreshing. An absolute pleasure to work with.
Stuart Althaus

CEO, SME Gateway Pty Ltd

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